Competition Time

I've been a bit busy these past couple of days, updating the old website. It's difficult trying to put original things into a website when the likes of the Resuscitation Council, the Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee and the Faculty of Pre Hospital Care tell us what we need to teach. Then the HSE and Skills for Health come along and tell us how to teach it. Yep, I'm even told what I can and cannot put on a certificate when someone passes a first aid course, The good thing is, being totally independent, we don't need to pay for anyone else's logo, we just use ours, and a fine logo it is too.
There is an exception to this but that's for a course that is run by our Friends Out West so it's all good.

Anyway, I digress, this is about a little competition we're running here. On our new website, there is a guest appearance by MedTree (formerly Boundtree) and all you need to do is search our new website and find them. Are they on the Home Page? Are they on the Contact Us Page? Maybe they get a mention on the Events Page? It's up to you to find them. Then go to our Facebook page, find the mention of this competition, tell us where they are via a private message or even an email (don't want to give the game away do we), share the afore mentioned post and wait until November 27th to see if you have won. Then all you need to do is tell us which first aid kit you would like. Fancy an Outdoor kit for your next adventure, maybe a Children's kit for when looking after Junior? A Travel kit pehaps for your next holiday, or just a universal kit to keep at home.

Go on have a go, you never know... "It could be you", as they say :)
Good Luck!

Here's our email address in case you want to let us know where MedTree show up


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