Not Long Now

It seems like ages ago that I spoke to a colleague at work about a mad crazy idea involving the two of us paddling down the Thames. Now, all of a sudden, here we are panicking ever so slightly because in less than 43 hours, we shall be standing in Sonning, hopefully welcoming you all to our little send off party by the Thames.

We have our boats, (not painted yet but...) we have paddles, gloves, life-jackets (just in case), hammocks for the night time snooze under the stars, and we have loads of little accessories to keep us comfy and hopefully afloat.
The bacon has been ordered, and the bucks fizz is ready to be opened. All we need now is for all of you to join us. Come along and have a laugh at our expense as we set sail on a journey that is kind of relying on two sheets of plywood, donated by Dex Interiors, lovingly shaped into things resembling boats, actually floating, hopefully with us inside. The guys and girls from Busy Bees started the ball rolling by pledging to sponsor £100, which they did (Thank You) and now we have reached £730 (£830 with gift aid) but we'd like to get to £1000 for Coppafeel! More would be fantastic so keep it coming.
We thought we should thank some of the people who have made it possible so far, as one of the children Matt teaches kindly pointed out, we won't be able to thank anyone afterwards if we have both drowned. Yeah, thanks Kid!
So in no particular order here we go...
Dan Crumb, from Warings Bakery has offered us some 'Fresh-baked' and Flapjacks to keep us fed along the way. Source Supplies have pledged "£a 1er" which will bring us closer to our £1000 target, and I believe, some of their staff may be making an appearance on the day. Which brings me to the Great House in Sonning, who have given us the use of their venue for the Launch Party and Paul Daniels for being a famous face to launch 1000 ships, well, 2 small boats anyway. Talking of famous faces, BREAKING NEWS, a much prettier face (sorry Paul) belonging to Maren Hallenga of Coppafeel! has said that she may be able to join us on the day (Fingers Crossed).
Don't forget to get your raffle tickets at the party for your chance to win a box of Hello-Fresh goodies, delivered right to your door. Take a look at their website, I did and I've been eating their food ever since, you literally do get everything apart from the chef.
There are so many different media involved that I'd be here forever if I mentioned them all, let's just say a big thanks to all the local newspapers along the route and radio stations here in Reading for promoting us. I'll be finishing our craft tonight, and hopefully setting sail at 11am on 24th July.

Just make sure you're all at the party, and wish us both good luck


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