Bacon, Booze and Boobs

What do you get when you take two 'ordinary' guys that work in education, add a sheet of plywood or two, the river Thames, and a whole load of bacon?

2 to Twickers

First, let me introduce Matt Lappin, an 'Outstanding' teacher (according to Ofsted) and Sports Teacher of the Year 2014. Also slightly mad, but 'teacher' sort of covers that aspect of his personality. He is entrusted with the education of the smaller type of person, setting them up for the rest of their time in school, he teaches the important stuff, the 3 R's Reading 'Riting and 'Rithmetic (No, I never understood the 3R bit either) He can usually be found, after school, surrounded by young children, with a cricket bat, tennis racket or even a Maypole by his side. He was the weight, keeping the pole upright when I first met him, but that's another story. Without Matt, sports days wouldn't happen, and the school would be full of unfit kids that couldn't read or write. Well done that man.
Unless my eyes have finally gone, Matt is the tall one on the Right
Then there's me, the guy who teaches adults (easier than children any day). I teach them how to look after each other when the sport goes wrong, when someone twists an ankle, gets a black eye, or worse. I'm the one sat in the shade watching as other people enjoy their sport, waiting, like a coiled spring, to leap into action should anyone get hurt. Yep, I'm the one with the First Aid Kit.
I'm not saying I'm a couch potato by any means, I've walked thousands of miles for charity, swam along the Kennet and Avon, badly. I've even walked to the Jazz Cafe in Reading's Madjeski Stadium, just for a curry night and a beer. I should point out that the start of this walk was Glasgow Airport, and I went via the Lake District and took in a bit of the Peaks too. WHY? I hear you ask. Charity. I do something slightly bonkers every Summer, raising funds and awareness for charities close to my heart.
Yep, That's me!
This year, not to be left stranded after the pub shuts, Matt has decided to join me in a challenge. A little row from Sonning to Teddington, along the Thames. Not much of a challenge you might say. But... and this is a little flaw in our plan... we don't actually have much in the way of experience on the water. Also, and this may slow us up a bit, we don't have any boats either. Not a canoe or kayak in sight, not so much as an old punt to get us from A to B. "I've got some yacht varnish in the garage" I told Matt, as he gave me one of those Steve-has-finally-lost-the-plot looks, "and I know someone who may get us some plywood!" I continued. So that's that then, we have everything we need to make our own boats. Assuming of course that we can make 2 sheets of ply and a litre of varnish, float. Not only float but hold us inside, AND be something we can paddle down the Thames without actually drowning.
What? This isn't Matthew and Steve? Who the hell are these two then?
We need sponsors said Matt. So I asked the first person i saw if they would part with some cash. My good friend Kim, said she'd ask her boss, and within a few hours we had our first £100 pledged to our fund. Thanks Kim and the boss at Busy Bees Cleaning Services
Thanks also to Gerry, my fantastic supplier of the plywood and the main man at Dex Interiors who also gave us some other timber and more varnish. He also asked if the ply was going to be thick enough as, and I quote "but Steve, you're not what I'd call svelte" thanks mate!
Bacon? The day is not complete without bacon, so how on Earth are we going to get bacon into this equation? Well, to quote the great anthropomorphic Russian Meerkat, Aleksandr Orlov, "Simples!"
We have a party. The location needs to be by the side of the Thames, so we can lauch our craft/s. It needs to be somewhere people can find easily, somewhere they can stay and have a drink, somewhere that can supply us with bacon baps, and maybe even a Bucks Fizz (can't have a party without some booze). Somewhere like The Great House, it's posh, on the Thames, Sonning-on-Thames near Reading to be precise, it has a bar, and BBQ facilities outside, and most importantly, they have said that they will support us in our crazy challenge. Thank You Great House :o)
So there you have it, two mad teaching types, some plywood, a litre of varnish, a whole load of bacon and a party on the Thames. All we need now is a charity to support.
This was the easiest bit of the whole challenge, choosing a worthy cause.
Cancer sucks! Almost everyone will be touched by cancer at some point in their life. If not themselves, then a close family member or a good mate will have their lives torn apart by Cancer. I lost both my sisters to Breast Cancer, and a close friend of Matt and myself is going through treatment as I speak. So Breast Cancer... but there are a few charities to choose from. Well, we both work in education of one sort or another, we are both surrounded by young people during our working week, and yes, young people get cancer too.
Let me say that again,
The thing is, if it is found soon enough, something can be done about it. There are treatments, and the medical guys and girls are getting better and better at fixing people. BUT... and this is the BIG BUT, young people need to know what to look for, young people need to be aware of what is going on with their bodies. So lets help save a few lives maybe by educating young people. Isn't that what we do, us teacher types? 

Let me introduce CoppaFeel! in fact no, I'm going to shut up and let the more familiar face of the lovely Fearne Cotton introduce them instead. take it away Fearne...

OK, this is where you click on the play button below...

yeah, that's it, the little arrow, bottom left, got it? Good!

This is a little film from Kris, she made it as a thank you for the response to her documentary on telly. So make sure you watch it and then get your phone out and text KRIS to 70300

So there you have it, that's what happens when two blokes get an idea into their head, two blokes with a passion, two blokes who don't like failing, and two blokes who like bacon.  Did I mention we're both slightly mad?

You can support CoppaFeel! by texting KRIS to 70300
 and support Matt and Me in our challenge, every penny goes to CoppaFeel!
You can even just go straight here
and donate that way, just make sure you do, then go and CoppaFeel!

OOPS! ALMOST FORGOT...let us know you're showing the love by liking our facebook page, it will start to get busy now as we plan our launch party (pun intended) and get building our 'thing' out of plywood.

 Thank You!
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