Taking a Gamble for Alexander

Now I'm not usually a gambling type of bloke, money is hard enough to get hold of at the best of times without throwing it away. I'm not saying I never gamble, I have occasionally got myself a Lottery ticket. I've even been known to bet on a donkey in the Grand National. As I still drive a Ford Mondeo, you can probably work out that I have never won much in the way of loot!  Next week however I'll be rolling some dice, taking a gamble, throwing caution to the wind and hoping for the best. Don't get me wrong, I'm not planning on wasting any hard earned cash, quite the opposite. I'm going to try and part with as little as possible of the folding stuff. I've only got a tiny budget after all. The gambling I have in mind is literally going to be rolling dice. I'll be talking to the lovely folk on Facebook, Twitter, local newspaper readers, radio listeners and people I meet on the road. I'll be asking them for things to do, places to go, ways to travel etc. Then when I have 6 ideas, I'll roll the dice. That way my week is going to be planned (or not) by a little cube covered in dots.

Now listen, I only have 6 days to do this challenge so don't be asking me to walk to outer Mongolia. I also have a very small budget so keep things simple, and preferably within North West Europe. I'll have my passport with me, but not much else. Obviously I'll need clothing for all types of weather, food, a map of some form, a phone, and my trusty hammock. Basic stuff only, if I can't carry it, I need to buy it, and that means the budget shrinks.

So far I need to visit France, eat something typically French which usually means something horrible like snails or frog legs. get my photo taken with a dolphin (or dolphins), sleep under the stars, eat chicken of some sort in The Windsor Lad. So far so good, but not enough to fill 6 days, so I need more things to do.

The Windsor Lad
Hang on a minute! France, Dolphins, Chicken from the Harvester? Strange little set of challenges you may say. But these were the favourite things of Alexander Devine, who sadly died from a brain tumour at just eight years old and who is the whole reason for me doing this in the first place. I'm trying to raise money and awareness for Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service, which was established to build a much needed hospice in Berkshire in his name, supporting local children suffering from life-threatening illnesses as well as their families.

Please be a love and help spread the word of my 6 day challenge/s. The more people that take part, the more I'll have to do. Remember I have 6 whole days to fill, and a lot of money to raise for the charity, and all I have to help me will be a little dice and you.

So how did this challenge get started? I was covering the first aid needs of an event in Wokingham a few weeks ago, when I got talking to some lovely ladies who were fundraising for Alexander Devine. I do something for children's charities every year and told them that this year I was all theirs. Then I thought, I'd promised myself not to do this again as the planning bit usually takes up most of my time. Then I saw an old episode of a favourite programme I used to watch with Russell Harris, called The Dice Man. Click on his name to look at his website and also this... http://youtu.be/GmxeqngfeOE part one of his Dice Man show, which will give you an idea of what I'll be doing next week. Planning solved, no need to plan, just pack a bag, do a blog, (this is that blog), roll a dice and go! Easy!

Then I thought about the cost, these things tend to end up costing more than I make for the charity so I may as well just write them a cheque and be done with it. Then I thought of my old mate Leon Logothetis who used get by on £5 a day, and is now travelling around the World relying on the kindness of others and an awesome yellow bike. Watch his video here http://www.leonlogothetis.com/ Well, if he can, why can't I do it, albeit a bit closer to home?

I have some good boots, a tent/hammock, a good rucksack, a passport and a sense of humour. I also have the willingness to make a fool of myself, do daft things, and be uncomfortable for a while. Plus I love being outside so that bit is easy. All I need is you, anyone who reads this to give me things to do, ways to travel etc. No good rolling dice if the numbers don't have a meaning. So if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, If you listen to 107fm or BBC Radio Berkshire, even if you just read the local newspapers. https://twitter.com/rdgchronicle or https://twitter.com/getreading or even https://twitter.com/ExpressSeries and https://twitter.com/MaidenheadAds Please try and take part as you are my planners, maybe my hosts, maybe my taxi, who knows? Just take part, it'll be a laugh, and with any luck, we'll buy some more bricks and mortar to build that hospice.If you fancy parting with some cash, here's a great way to do it http://www.justgiving.com/Franglais Go on, be the first... make that second to show some love :o)


No, seriously, thanks for reading this far, it means a lot!

Oh, and has anyone got any dice?


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