Beware of Imitations

You may or may not be aware that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) were the guys that made sure your First Aid training was up to scratch. They checked that the company delivering your training were qualified to deliver that training and they used to check that the people who trained you actually knew what they were talking about, i.e. had the qualification themselves. They also checked that you received the correct training for your circumstances. May I refer you back to Mr and Mrs Bloggs, she works in a library with 6 other ladies and he works in a heavy-machinery-using-hot-molten-metal-working-foundry with 380 other men and women. They were both first aiders in their respective workplace, but their training, let’s just say it differed slightly.
Anyway, you may have noticed I was using the past tense there, with ‘were’ and ‘used to’ etc. That is because there have been some changes in First Aid that I have already mentioned in a previous post. These implementations now come into effect on 1st October 2013. The new ‘rules’ can be followed now, in fact from 1st January this year, so, for some at least, the HSE is history.
Still in its draft form, this new guidance places the responsibility firmly on the shoulders of employers (YOU in other words) to use ‘due diligence’ to ensure that the quality of training meets the new legislative requirements. The HSE will still be checking YOU to make sure you have the correct training in place.
This is not as bad as it seems, in fact you will have more choice. Let me use a table to explain this a bit better. Basically I borrowed this from my friends at Qualsafe Awards (QA), and thanks to them for showing it to me in the first place, but I changed a bit here and there to make it easier to understand.

Quality Assurance Route
Level of due diligence required by YOU
Use a company who offers ‘Regulated First Aid Qualifications accredited by an Ofqual/SQA recognised Awarding Organisation’ like QA.  
Beyond First Aid for example
Use the ‘Volunteer Big Boys’ for your training
St John or Red Cross for example
The draft guidance says that YOU may still “wish to undertake some level of due diligence”
Use association/trade body affiliation
Full due diligence should be carried out by YOU as “HSE is not in a position to verify the level of assurance”
Use an independent training provider with no accreditation/affiliation
Full due diligence should be carried out by YOU as “HSE is not in a position to verify the level of assurance”

It is up to YOU who you get to train you and your staff, just make sure they are offering training that is suitable for your needs. To do this you need to ask some questions.
Questions you need to ask yourself!

  • What exactly does due diligence mean?
  • What checks should you make when choosing a training provider?
  • Is the trainer competent?
  • Is there a quality assurance system in place to monitor the quality of training?
  • Is first aid taught in accordance with currently accepted first aid practice?
  • Does the first-aid training course cover an appropriate syllabus?
  • Do certificates issued to students assessed as competent contain appropriate information?(see below)
  • Is the company fully insured?
I could go on but I’m boring myself here.

To cut a long story short, here is the only real question you need to ask!

Is your training company called Beyond First Aid?

Why wait until 1st October 2013 to start using a company who falls into the NO DUE DILIGENCE REQUIRED category, when we offer regulated qualifications already, and have done since 1st January 2013.  Several months ahead of the deadline we can offer you qualifications that will keep the HSE, your insurance company, your staff, and ultimately you happy. We can do this by providing the Platinum Standard in First Aid Training, which will fully meet your legal needs now, and in the future.
We here at Beyond First Aid like to stay up to date with everything, not just our First Aid at Work. We saw the changes coming and made moves to ensure that we can offer our customers (new and existing) the best possible service in First Aid Training.


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