2013 Already?

Blimey where did 2012 go? So much has happened in the last year I feel it should have been longer, but on the other hand, it only seems like 5 minutes ago I was starting a challenge to travel 2012 miles in 2012 under my own steam to raise money for a couple of worthy causes. I remember the HSE announcing that there would be some changes to Health & Safety because of the Löfstedt report, where Professor Löfstedt was to "reclaim Health and Safety for all". What would this mean for First Aid? Will it cost trainers like myself or would the difference be a burden to you, the customer needing the First Aid training? 
Who, if anyone, will the changes effect? Will First Aid at Work still exist in 2013?
Well, the wait for all the answers is now over, and the 'end user' is still required to have trained staff who are able to give first aid to anyone at work who is injured or suddenly becomes ill, and to basically look after them until professional medical help arrives or can be reached. No change then, or so it would seem. The difference is this... Up until now, all anyone had to do is look and see if their trainer was approved by the HSE to deliver first aid training and issue certificates to their candidates. Easy! Now the HSE has said it will no longer approve individuals or companies to offer first aid training. This means that you, the potential candidate now needs to find someone who can deliver the training and it is down to YOU, to make sure that the training is suitable for your workplace. If you have been using a company for years, chances are you can carry on using them and you will not even notice any difference in the service they offer you. But what if you’re a new start up company, what if your old trainer retires, what if you only now need first aid training because your risk assessment has changed since this time last year? Who do you turn to? Well, you have a choice here. You can use a member of a trade or industry body, Federation of First Aid Training Organisations (FOFATO) for example, or use a member of an approved awarding body such as Qualsafe or The Association of First Aiders (AoFA). Or simply go to a training organisation or individual trainer who is going it alone and simply rely on their past reputation.
So there are three options. But here at Beyond First Aid we can offer you a fourth, we have built a reputation over the past few years as one of the best, most up to date training companies in Berkshire who can offer basic first aid, first aid at work, paediatric first aid etc. But we can also come to you and advise you if you have any special circumstances. Maybe you send people away for periods and need foreign travel advice for your staff, or you work with children with special needs. Maybe you just want a basic course for your local mountain bike club, so they can look after each other on their off road weekends. We can offer that too.
But we're not just relying on our good reputation as things change in this industry as they do in most jobs. We intend to stay at the top of our game and up to date, so we will also be members of trade bodies such as FOFATO and we want to offer our customers the reassurance that WE are doing things right too. So our customers can rest easy knowing that the industry is keeping an eye on us via Qualsafe and/or AoFA
Get in touch with us and you'll know you've made the right decision when it comes to your first aid training.

NB HSE Regulated companies can still offer HSE approved courses until April 5th 2013, but the new Level 3 FAW can be offered as of 1st Jan 2013

Oh and as for those 2012 miles, I (with a little help from some good friends) raised several hundred £’s for children with head injuries and Lupus UK


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