Not long now!

Sometime on Sunday (12th August 2012) in the vicinity of the Bristol Channel, there is going to be a splash. This will be Justin Miles putting his kayak into the water before paddling it East. He'll be going along the River Avon, then joining the Kennet and Avon Canal all the way to Reading where he'll join the Thames and finally through London to The English Channel.
He's not going to be alone mind you! Becky 'Balls of Steel' Burridge and Mark will be starting a day earlier (we'll catch them up) I say we, because I'm at it too. Starting and finishing in the same place as Justin, I will be cutting corners, flying past locks, and hopefully leaving him behind. Yep, unofficially this is a race. Justin is going to paddle at an average speed of 10-11mph, and I shall be walking from Channel to Channel at an average speed of 4mph. Being on foot, I can take shorter routes as I won't have to follow the bends of the rivers, get in and out at all the locks, and I won't have tides to paddle against. I am however travelling at half the speed of the others. Will I catch up with Becky and Mark? Will I beat Justin to the English Channel? Will I have blisters the size of a small town by the time I finish? Only the next few days can answer these questions, but why don't you join us to find out for yourself. You can follow our progress on Twitter @sblethyn and @4TheChallenge or on Facebook
Find out more by searching the rest of my blog, or take a look at Justin's pages here
Why not bet on who is going to finish first, the paddler, or the foot slogger? Place your bets here! All that lovely lolly you part with will be going here 

There's not long to go now, and I have dried food and nuts to pack, so follow #C2C wherever you see it and don't forget to 'like' 'share' or 'RT' about it!

Wish us all luck and place those bets!



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