Perambulating South Reading for Lepidoptera

Today is World Lupus Day and this year I'm walking 2012 miles for Lupus UK to help raise awareness. Mainly due to the fact that a good friend of mine has Lupus and is now whizzing around the world on a set of wheels 'cos the legs don't work any more. So, for one day only, that'd be today, I'm going to walk as far as I can in my lunch hour. Big Deal I hear you say, well it's like this. I have a strange job (or two). My main passion is teaching people first aid, I do this at the weekends, some evenings, and occasionally I can be found writing blogs on the stuff. This is of course when I'm not wearing my medic head and I'm actually doing the life saving bit myself. (mostly I'm just telling people to put their legs up and put ice on it) Anyway, my other job is kind of strange in that I work early morning and early evening. This means I get a four, yes, 4 hour lunch break.
Now if the average person walks 4mph (ish) I should do 16 miles.
But... I'm having something to eat at some point, sort the dogs out, check mail etc. so I'll hopefully get about 3 hours walking in or 12 miles.
But... I'm on a mission and want to try and walk 15 miles. Me, my boots, a rucksack and a water bottle slogging out 15 miles in 3 hours. Possible? Well I managed 42 miles in 12 hours with my good friend Janine Lewis back on March 18th. That's 3.5 mph on average. So I'm really going to have to accelerate the pace a bit if I'm going to do 15 miles. I may need some motivation so here's the plan. I'll do the walking, all I want you lot to do is get your phone out, type LUPU55 £1 and send it as a text to 70070 what could be easier than that? If you don't have a mobile or prefer a different way of giving me some support go here and click on the big blue 'donate' button. Then come back here, share this little blog with your mates and get them to show a bit of 'Lupus Love' too.

Finally, for those of you who still have not quite got the Lepidoptera thing, here's a clue

Butterfly Rash on Lupus Sufferer


Beyond the Blog said…
Lunchtime, 10th May 2012, 14.8 miles. Short of my target but brings my total for the year to 897 miles. Only 1115 to go!

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