Loss of a friend (or two)

Please find below a photo of my beloved Scarpa Boots. 
These fellas have been to the Himalayas (Annapurna and Everest not to mention several bars in Kathmandu) They have spent many weekends standing on touch lines waiting for me to render first aid and they have even walked from Glasgow to Reading via the Lake District, the top of Helvellyn, the Peaks and several overnight stops in fields, all in the name of charity. Since January this year they have walked over 700 miles as I trek to my total of 2012 miles for the year, including walking 42 miles from Buckingham Palace to Madejski Stadium in one day. Oh Yes, these boots have seen the Royals (twice). They even make an appearance in my company documentation, (time for a cheeky screen shot). 
When not in the mountains or on footpaths they have even joined me on more than one occasion as I have faced man's worst nightmare, yes, they have even been shopping, dragged around the local supermarkets and malls without ever complaining, which is more than I can say for their owner.
As you can see, these boots have been through it with me and have become great friends. Never have they let me twist an ankle, never have they left me with blisters and they have always been there when I needed them.
It is with sadness that I must announce the demise of the guys as I have worn through the sole and they have started to leak, quite badly on the left one. I'll miss them in the wilderness as I have had to retire them both to the garden shed for dry days only.
Happy gardening my little Italian friends, happy gardening!


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