Her Majesty and Madejski

Right, who fancies a walk? 
A little walk through the streets of London (Oh, and Brentford, Datchet, Windsor, Twyford and Reading)!

Remember when I walked through the night like a gazelle on steroids? I left Buck House after a Night of Adventure spent with Alastair Humphreys and a few dozen of his mates, walked alone along the A4 until I got to the Mad Stad here in Sunny Reading, just in time for the breakfast show on Reading 107fm I called it "Between two Royals" Mainly because it was. The route started outside Her Majesty's Gaff at the end of The Mall and ended outside Madejski Stadium where Reading kick a ball about every other week. Just in case you don't know Reading FC are called The Royals, or as I like to shout at the radio when they score "U Rzzzz!"
No? Don't remember? Never mind, because I'm doing it again on March 18th. This time I'm doing it in daylight and you can come too. I'm going to start at 06:00 and take a leisurely stroll through the above named, or thereabouts, hopefully getting back before it gets dark. I've got to be in Reading that night anyway, it's Mothers Day and I might cook the Mrs something special*
If this table of the Sun timings for that day is right then that gives me just over 12 hours to do the deed! 

March 18th 2012 
Sun rise 06:10 hrs
Sun set  18:14 hrs
Length of Day 12 hours 3 minutes 43 seconds
Solar Noon 12:12
Distance walked by Me! 41.3 Miles

That's a map of the route! 
It's a bit like the one above but interactive stuff so you can zoom in to see if you're passing your friends front door so you can knock and get a donation (see below)
These miles are going to be added to a virtual 2012 miles that a few of us are going to do on this day. Don't tell me you have not noticed 2012 Miles in 2012 on Twitter, Facebook etc. 
https://www.facebook.com/2012milesin2012 and if you say you don't know why I'm walking everywhere and anywhere this year, you'd better take a look here and in future pay attention. That's it in a nutshell, I'm walking 40+ miles on the 18th March, loads more people are walking, running, swimming their miles somewhere in the world, we're going to add them all up and hope it comes to 2012 miles. Some are doing it for charity some are doing it to get fit some are just doing it. Cool eh! Let me know if you want to join this or any of my walks.

Before you go, be a love and get your mobile ready... Got it? Great! Now, text LUPU55 £1 to 70070 Done that? Thank You, you just got me £1 nearer my target of £2012 for Lupus UK
If you fancy a bit of exercise on March 18th between 6am and 6pm then come on down. You don't even have to walk the whole way, just a few yards along side me to offer some encouragement would be great. Get some friends/family to join in. Make it a day out! Go on, you know you want to. So who's going to join me?

*little hint for all of you who will forget its Mums special day ;o)


Darren said…
Hey Steve, Darren (from dailymile.com) here.

Still on for this walk at the weekend?

Just wondering what time you might be heading through Twyford for the final 8 miles - I live in Twyford and my better half and I would love to join in for the final stretch.

Will you be updating Facebook, Twitter or something throughout the day with your progress so that I can keep tabs on where you are so that we can hopefully meet up with you?

Let me know. It'd be great to tag along.

Beyond the Blog said…
Hi Darren, updates will be on facebook and twitter throughout the day. I'm going to try and log walk via MapMyWALK and if batteries last you should be able to see where we are 'live' The route has changed slighly though and we'll be going further south. Everyone and anyone welcome to join in. If I can find a pc that works I.ll update new route.
Getting used to smartphone slowly.
Darren said…
Cool. What's your Twitter account so that I can follow it? An updated route would be great to see.


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