Did I mention walking?

Before I begin, I must say that at no point this year will I be stuffing small birds down swimwear supplied by my friends at Decathlon in Reading! 
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Although I will be meeting up with Justin Miles as he does his Channel to Channel kayak challenge again. This time I wont be swimming past The Oracle in Reading as he paddles towards the Thames. This time I wont be donning any small red outfits. This time I'll be doing the whole nine yards, or to be more accurate, the whole 227,040 yards. That's 129 miles for those of you without a calculator. To put it another way, While Justin paddles from the Bristol Channel to the English Channel, I'll be walking, all the way. Coast to coast if you will, although technically our coast is anything with a tide so Bristol to Teddington Lock would do the trick. It's not just me joining Mr Miles though. There will be paddlers of all shapes and sizes joining him, and if you fancy a walk, why not join me? I must warn you though, Justin and I have our own little challenge in the form of a race across the country, him paddling and me walking, (wonder what that Walliams chap is up to that week?). Go and check out what Justin did last year here, then multiply the fun and games, add loads more people and double the trouble and you'll be about there.

Also this year I'm going to be doing my bit for the Queen's Jubilee. Some of you may remember me walking through the dead of night from Buckingham Palace (The Home of The Royals) to Madejski Stadium here in Reading. (Also The Home of The Royals). Well guess what, I'm doing it again. Daylight this time, and a slightly different route but still starting outside Buck House and finishing in front of Reading Football Club. Fancy joining me? Go on, you know you want to. I will be asking Sir John and Brian if they fancy a stroll!

If you've read past blogs of mine, you'll know about my mate Helen. She's a first aid nut like me and teaches the stuff. She does this from her wheelchair. This is because she has Lupus, a right pain in the butt, especially as her butt is no longer fit for hanging legs from. Anyway, Helen wants to carry on doing crazy stuff because, as I said, she is a bit mad like me! So she's in a wheelchair, so? Why should someone with a set of wheels not get to see the view from the top of Snowdon like a person with two functioning legs can? No reason that I can think of, nor Helen. That is why I'm going to walk up Snowdon later in the year, pushing Helen all the way. I just hope she has good brakes for when we're coming back down again :o|

Some of my smaller walks this year will be to local businesses in and around Berkshire and Hampshire. The plan is... There's a fine establishment near me that bakes some of the best bread you ever tasted, (For my own safety, I'd better state right here that my Wife's bread is awesome too) they also have a fine line in doughnuts... Mmm Doughnuts...

Sorry, went away to doughnut dreamland for a while then. 

Anyway, if you and your workmates would like me to deliver some of these Warings Bakery doughnuts to your place of work, you only have to ask. So long as you work within 10-12 miles from Shinfield (see map) I'll come to you, we'll share a doughnut and a quick chat, then I'll walk back. Easy! Oh, I ought to mention that these doughnut delights come at a cost. You'll have to pay me double whatever Warings charge me for them. All the money I raise will go to my chosen charities, and all the calories I'll be tucking into will get walked off. In return, you'll get some free advertising and a mention on my web, blog, twitter, facebook etc. showing the world that you're a fine bunch with kind hearts with good taste in doughnuts! Now that's what I call value for money!

There's just so much to do, I've even entered my name in the One Show 1000, being a One Show viewer. I've said I'd do my mile for charity dragging my friends Huey, Dewey and Louie behind me. No, not the little ducks, these are 3 car tyres I use sometimes when training. I thought they would look good in Sport Relief Red and White. So wish me luck and hope I get picked.
I better go now, things to do don't you know! But please take a look at my justgiving page before you hop off. There will be other ways to show your support for me but these will have to do for now! Please visit these sites and tell them you got the link from me, Ta very much!

I actively support the following charities.
My 2012 miles in 2012 challenge is for http://www.lupusuk.org.uk

Channel to Channel will be raising funds for http://www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk

My mate Helen could do with a new set of wheels to so if anyone out there sells or makes wheelchairs and wants to donate one ;o)

Is it just me or are there a lot of butterflies around this year?

To support me in any of my walks click on my rucksack above,
To contact Justin Miles about getting involved in this years Channel to Channel, click on his kayak below

Legal bit... None of the companies mentioned above are officially linked in any way shape or form to any of my charity walks or any other mad scheme I have planned for 2012...



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