Santa injured

Santa injured by Rudolf at office party!

Santa was injured last night by Rudolf, who had been celebrating the completion of his gift wrapping duties with the Elves, just in time for this years deliveries. Rudolf said "I just had a few too many drinks and remember falling over" he added "when I came round I noticed I'd landed on the boss" 

Christmas Saved by Beyond Medics!
Luckily, the medics from Beyond First Aid were on hand. After being treated Santa had this to say about the team. "I'm lucky those guys from Beyond First Aid were so close, because without their treatment I may not have been able to deliver to all those children, the first failed delivery since I began the service all those years ago"

Steve Blethyn from Beyond First Aid said, "Santa's injuries were only minor thankfully and he'll be back on his sleigh in no time. But if anyone else thinks they may need us, we're only a phone call away" 
Santa was obviously pleased with Steve and his team, he has booked them in the New Year for an Elf and Safety course and has ordered loads of First Aid Kits, including special kits for the Reindeer (smaller kits are available for cats and dogs) and a Travellers kit for the 24th December. Santa will be quite busy then and needs to know that if Rudolf has any more accidents, they'll have emergency gear with them that can cover anything. 

Santa and Steve would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Christmas!


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