2012 Miles?

Not long to go until 2012, unless you're walking that is. 2012 miles is about how far it is to Kazakhstan from my house, here in a very wet Shinfield. Of course, if I went the other way and up a bit, keeping Iceland on my right, I'd make it to Greenland. If I went West and was dropped 2012 miles away, I'd drown, because I'd be a bit short of Canada. My point is, it's only a few weeks away if you're talking about the year 2012, (I know it's here already, but I wrote this a while ago) but 2012 miles is quite some distance. It would take about 30 days to walk if it was possible to walk non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no sleeping, eating or even stopping for a pee. Take these things into account, and walking about 20 miles every day, it would be a trip of over 3 months. Now that's some walk, even by my standards. So why would I even be considering walking 2012 miles next year, 2012?
Well I blame a friend of mine, Mr Ollie Rastall, or to be more accurate, his better half, Anthea Barteau. The thing is, Anthea wanted to follow in Ollie's footsteps and do something challenging. (Ollie cycled across America earlier this last year) Not being greedy, she has shared this challenge with the world, or at least anyone who knows her or Ollie. 
The challenge is quite simple (that's why I like it!) In 2012, travel 2012 miles under your own steam. Walk, run, swim, cycle, paddle or row. It really does not matter how you travel so long as the only power source is you. So in a nutshell, next year use human power to travel 2012 miles. What could be easier than that? 
Let me break this down for you a bit.

2012 miles in one year
167.66 miles a month
38.7 miles a week
5.5 miles a day - Easy :o)

OK, there will be days when there will be no travelling at all, knocking the daily requirement up a bit. But if I do something mad like a half marathon one day, then I might be able to have a few rest days. Anyone who knows me will be aware that I'm no stranger to the odd long walk, so chances are I'll do the occasional over-nighter, or a 'walk to school' hey Janine!
Yeah, this is achievable. PLUS! Because Anthea, Ollie, and quite a few others are in on the act. We'll all be around so support and encourage each other. So what's the catch? There isn't one. It's as simple as that. Power yourself over 2012 miles any way you like.Then tell everyone about it on twitter with #2012milesin2012 and motivate others with #teammotivation

I'm walking most of it, cos I can. Join me if you want, but no one is going to make you, it's just a bit of fun. A challenging bit of fun I'll admit, but if you don't make it, so what. You may get to the end of next year and find you've only ran 500 miles over a handful of weekends. Ask yourself this though, would you have ran those miles if nobody got you to challenge yourself?

I've just emailed a medic friend of mine and told her about my plan to go for a 2012 mile amble around Britain, and depending on if she is with me or not, I may be walking with a butterfly on my t-shirt. Confused? All will be revealed.

to be continued...


Helen the butterfly said…
Wow Steve you write a great cliffhanger!
Hi everyone, I'm Helen and I used to be a medic - that's how I met Steve.On a muddy Rugby pitch to be precise! So you must be wondering what the connection is with butterflies? Well I have Lupus which isn't a condition the public is particuarly aware of. There are different forms of Lupus - one just causes a rash on the cheeks that resembles a butterfly but I have Systemic Lupus which can be a devastating illness. It can literally affect your whole body and can be life threatening. I've been very unlucky in the fact that I have a whole host of Connective tissue problems and have in fact been going about my daily life with a broken pelvis! I have to wear strong sunblock as the sun triggers flare ups for me and I'll get the classic butterfly rash on my cheeks.
We've all had a really bad case of Flu where you ache so much that even if your faveourite movie star knocked on your door you'd feel too ill to move!? Well Lupus is like that only all the time! More research and better public awareness is urgently needed and crazy people like Steve are at the forefront in securing a future for people like me! Steve you are amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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