Your First Aid Kit is Obsolete!

"Old specification first aid kits such as the HSE 10, 20 and 50 person kits are not compliant with the new British Standard and will soon become obsolete."

What a load of tripe!

This really get's up my nose... I've may have told you that already!
Had any emails from companies trying to sell you any over priced "New BS-8599 First Aid Kits" because your first aid kit is going to be obsolete? Well if you have, delete it! If you get any flyers from first aid suppliers trying to palm off an over priced kit because your one/s will self destruct any second, bin 'em.
Seriously... File 13 for the lot, throw them all in room 101. Do your bit for the planet and stick it all in the nearest recycle bin. 
If you have an analog TV, chances are it MAY stop working, but get someone to fit a 'thingamiebob' or a new 'whatjamacallit' and it will pick up a digital signal. My point is, don't throw your old telly away because someone tries to sell you a new, all singing, all dancing TV that will almost cost you 3 months wages, when your old one works. OK so it may need a tweek.
The same applies to your first aid kit. Here's my example... Mrs D has been working in the same school for 15 years as a receptionist/administrator/first aider. All her qualifications are up to date and what she doesn't know about her job, well, frankly it isn't worth knowing. Now Mrs D is the one who gets all the first aid kit for the school. She doesn't get HSE refills and she certainly won't be getting a new BS-8599 First Aid Kit for anyone. See the thing is, she has been doing this for ages and she knows what first aid equipment the school uses better than any sales person and better than any bloke sat in a BS-8599 office somewhere.
The fact of the matter is, nowhere does it say "you must get a BS-8599 first aid kit or you will burn in hell" nor does it say you must throw away any HSE kits you have because they may self destruct at any moment. HSE kits are fine for your every day I-don't-know-what-to-get-but-I-know-I-need-a-kit-on-my-office-wall-because-the-law-says-I-have-to-look-after-my-staff kind of guy. Someone who works in the BS-8599 department has noticed (through research) that people run out of plasters faster than triangular bandages, they also have now admitted that having a burn type dressing in a workplace is maybe not a bad idea after all. "AH!" "But I don't work with anything hot!" I hear you say. Drink Tea? Got a kettle in your office? Stick a burn type dressing in your kit! Ask my friend M! She'll tell you all about burn dressings and how easily burns can happen when arm meets half made cup of tea at a Parent Teacher meeting. Not usually the place you would expect an accident to happen. 
So, what's the point of all my ranting? Well, don't throw away your old first aid kit. Keep it topped up with things you use. Check things are not out of date, and that the packets are still intact. If you find that you've run out of plasters, give me a call and I'll sell you a new packet of plasters. I won't sell you a new BS-8599 kit because you more than likely don't need one. IF, and only if, you don't have a first aid kit, if you're the boss at a place of work, if you employ people, Then, and only then will I sell you a new BS-thingy-kit, because they are a good place to start. If you're not sure what you need, give me a call and I'll advise you over the phone, and I don't even charge for that. 
But, as for those flyers saying you MUST get a BS-8599 first aid kit... it's bonfire night soon if you get my meaning. 
Did I mention that I sell first aid equipment? 
Steve Blethyn
Beyond First Aid


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