Burns Night

No not Robbie! Burns as in "Ouch! That's hot" type burns. It's outdoor party in the cold and dark season soon so get prepared for some burns and scalds. 'Cos you just know they're going to happen. 
Halloween, Guy Fawkes, drunken bbq's in the dark, we've all done it! So what do you do if the worst happens and something (hot) contacts skin (yours)? Apart from scream that is! 
First off, we need to stop the burning bit. This means taking away the heat. Sounds obvious I know. Get the burn under cold running water if possible and keep it there for 10 minutes, yeah that's going to seem like forever but hey, I'm not the one with a burn. Do this as soon as possible but within 20 minutes of the burn taking place (if possible).  Never use ice, iced water or any creams or greasy substances, such as butter.Now this bit is going to sound counter productive, but keep warm. Cover the casualty with a blanket or coats, but avoid the injured bits. This is to prevent hypothermia occurring, (you may be outside, in the cold, and someone has just poured water over you). This is a particular risk in very young or old. Cover the burn with a layer of cling film but don't wrap it around a limb. A clean, clear plastic bag can be used for burns on your hands or feet. Good thing about cling film, plastic etc, is that it won't stick to the burn, medics (if you called them) can see through it without having to take it off, and you can stick it under the cold tap. Remember the cold water is to cool the burn , not soak it. So, clingfilm rocks!
Paracetamol or ibuprofen are OK for pain relief, but read the leaflets that come with whatever it is you are taking. 
If the burn is large, deep, or both, guess what... it's A+E for you!
A good thing to keep in your first aid kit is Burnshield, Reliburn etc. Emergency first aid burn dressing, relieves pain, cools & comforts, helps prevent contamination and is non-adherent, safe for use on all types of burns. You can also get a spray version and I bet you can guess who sells it ;o)


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