Where's Just?

I'm keeping track of Justin Miles (unofficially) so that all you Just Fans out there know where he's at (ish) Not so much GPS as SGPS (Steve's Guessing Position Speculation)
Anyway, he's here about now, if now is 14:30 on Sunday 21st August.

Oh! and for those of you who are here for the first time, scroll down to "My New Friends" and "Budgie Smugglers" for the full story.

The red dots are where Just is heading. If picture is too small, click on it for larger version.

Due to getting a 'dry land' quote last night, the above location is a Blethyn Guesstimate 

Location via Twitter at 13:40 today (Monday)
"More lovely locks to negotiate....nearly lost Justin at a really deep one !!"


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