Paddle Anyone?

Got up today knowing I had a day off from the boring day job (facilities) So I sat down with a coffee and thought to myself, "What shall I do today?" I made a mental list, and it went a bit like this.
  • Walk the dogs
  • Get some hot water for the campers outside
  • Have a shower
  • Check on the guys working on some carpentry
  • Sort the plumbers out
  • Swim up the Kennet behind a guy in a kayak wearing a budgie smuggler
Not your usual day off I guess, but then I'm not your usual bloke. I'll try anything once. I'll raise awareness for children with Aquired Brain Injuries, I'll swim in trolley infested waters, and I'll even walk around in public in trunks that are smaller than the eye patches in my first aid kit. BUT... I draw the line at shopping.
Note to self... go back to the sponsors and get some trunks that cover more of me. Thanks again to Decathlon for kitting me out in my gear.

Anyway, you're not here for my story, you want to know where Justin Miles is, take a look below and all will be revealed, actually no, there has been quite enough revealing for one day thank you. 

Don't forget, you can click on the map for a bigger view.


Alastair said…
Steve, I read your blog in my RSS reader so I hadn't seen the new look. Very smart!

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