Channel to Channel

Last night a strange couple of alien craft appeared by my back gate, they were pulsing and swaying like they had a life of their own. I wasn’t sure if they were friendly or not at first, so I took care not to startle to occupants. They were big blue things, the craft that is not the occupants, and looked familiar. Then I saw a strange site. Justin Miles poked his head out and said, “Where’s my brandy?” then I realised that the alien craft were indeed a couple of tents being erected by his support crew as he paddles from Channel to Channel.  As I type this snippet of information he is paddling towards Theale on the last part of the River Kennet until it joins the Thames in Reading. If you notice the blue dots on the map, that’s not an indication of the colour of the water but my skin, because I’ll be swimming alongside him then. I’ll be passing the Oracle as hundreds of festival goers top up on booze supplies for Reading, if any of their small change drops into the collection pots being carried by the support crew on the bank, then my cyanosis will be worth it!
Later peeps! I’ve got a Budgie to Smuggle!

For all you Reading people out there (and anyone who is interested) The Crazy Paddler aka Justin Miles is here...

and for those of you who don't know Reading that well, here is a zoomed out version...


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