You need a new BS 5899 HSE First Aid Kit, it's the law!

Sorry, but there's no other way of putting it. Let me get this straight right from the start...

There, I said it, I just upset all the people in the world who supply first aid kits, yep, even the ones that sell to me! Look at it like this, how can anyone say they sell first aid kits that are approved for the workplace? What is a workplace? A place where people go to work! Might sound a bit obvious but it's a fact. So, design a first aid kit that will suit every single workplace, that way every time a person goes to work they will know that they have a suitable kit... it'll be the biggest bloody first aid kit in the known universe but a standard kit suitable for everyone. Have I lost you yet? 
Thought so, right, Mrs Bloggs goes to work in a smart little outfit she got from Marks and Sparks, and open toe shoes she picked up at the sales last week. Mrs Bloggs works in a library, nice quiet place most of the time, though she did get a paper cut back in 1986, nasty one it was, even her 2 members of staff said it looked painful. Mr Bloggs on the other hand, has to wear steel toe capped boots, not you normal boots cos these ones are huge and have big leather bits that cover half his leg. He wears a massive outfit made of something that could stop a scud missile in it's tracks. Blacked out visor to protect his face, ear defenders and a hard hat top off this seasons foundry look. Now I can't tell you how many plasters, burn dressings and bandages this place gets through, but if they got the stuff from me I could retire early. They employ over 1500 staff, work in dark, hot, dangerous conditions and work long hours coming home filthy dirty and knackered. Do you honestly think the library and foundry use the same first aid kits? I think not!
So when you get the latest newsletter from your first aid supplier saying you MUST buy a new first aid kit, throw it in the bin. Speak to your boss, because it is his or her job to make sure you have stuff you need (loads of plasters for all those paper cuts) 
Sure, suppliers are going to sell 'HSE First Aid Kits' but these are based on the Health and Safety Executive recommendations, there is no law that says you MUST get them and hang them proudly on your office wall, and I can tell you for nothing, they will not be suitable for every workplace. 
Here's the deal, if you are not sure what you need give me a call, if you do know what you need, give me a call. If you have not understood a word I have said but think a nice new first aid kit would, now I mention it, look quite nice against the pale blue of the office walls, call me and I'll sell you one. BUT... I'll only sell you one with things in that you'll actually need. 

I'll make this as easy for you as I can...

  • I sell first aid equipment
  • I can teach you how to use it
  • email admin@beyondfirstaid and one of us will call you to discuss your needs
There's more...
I know what you're saying. "I'm off on a trip to the Great Victorian Desert unsupported, then I'm heading to K2, then circumnavigating the globe via both poles, bet you can't supply me with a kit to cover that little lot can you? There will be snake bites, insects to deal with, extremes of temperature, not to mention possible altitude related illnesses, bet you can't cover that lot can you?"  Well, actually... in a word, YES!
Let me know where you're travelling to, and I'll tell you what vaccinations you'll need, what illnesses are found in the countries you're visiting, I'll tell you where to find safe healthcare and even give you a kit that you can take to the dentist if you need a filling in some place where the hygiene may not be as good as that you're used to. (Dr. N'anga has strange ideas on sterility)
So you see, if it's a small kit for the car or bathroom cupboard, a large amount of 'approved' kits for your new offices or a bespoke kit for your adventures around the globe, I can sort you out. So give me a call, you might be glad you did!

Did I mention I can sort you out with a kit for your cat, dog, horse etc?


Real First Aid said…
Well said Steve - the voice of truth crying out in the wilderness!

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