Why Beyond First Aid supports Justin Miles?

Right, it's a nice sunny day, you're a 14 year old lad walking home from rugby, or was it football, cricket maybe, you play so many sports it's hard to keep up. Anyway, you're walking home because your Mum and Dad said they need to go shopping. Not a problem for you as you're perfectly fit, and live only a 5 minute walk from the club. Your head is spinning because your team just thrashed the visiting side by quite a bit, almost got the club record if my memory serves me well. Later you might bump into that girl from that posh school in Reading that you've had your eye on for ages. What a day, what a fantastic day. Now your life seems almost perfect. Then your head starts spinning again. Not the thought of sports or girls this time, this time your head is spinning because the door mirror on the van speeding up the road just hit you on the back of your head.
Life ain't so perfect anymore is it?
Skip forwards a year or two. Now all you can remember is what happened yesterday. Anything older than 24 hours and it's like it never happened. In fact anything that happens before you go to sleep has gone, totally gone when you wake up again. You know your name, but only because your Mum and the staff at the school tell you it every day. Dad doesn't tell you your name any more. He committed suicide a few months ago, racked with guilt that you need to be fed by a tube, and sit in a wheelchair all day because he took your Mum shopping. It doesn't matter to you though because you can't even remember your Dad any more, or your Mum, even if she does dress and bath you all the time. Nope, life ain't so good any more!
Creative writing? No! I used to work in a school for kids with special needs and every word above is true. Conrad (not real name) was a lad in this school who used to be a sporty, fit young boy with his whole life ahead of him. Then in a split second it was all gone. Severe cranial trauma, brain damage, severed spinal cord, I wont go on.
Justin Miles (real name) knows all about brain injuries, I'm too lazy to tell you all about him, so I feel a copy/paste coming on... he won't mind! 

Take it away Just...
"In March 1999 I had a car accident which dramatically changed my life. The resulting brain injuries left me having to learn basic functions like walking and talking virtually from scratch – but that wasn’t the hardest part of my recovery.
The tough parts, I found, were based around other people. Friends and family who knew me and were fully aware of what had happened didn’t really know how best to help and weren’t really sure how to act and react around me."
OK Just, this is my Blog, I'll take it from here! (if you want the rest of this story from Justin Miles, click on his name) I would, it's worth a read)

Anyway... moving swiftly on, Justin is doing something that some may say is slightly mad. He's going to travel under his own steam, from one side of the country to the other... he's going to kayak from one side of Britain to the other through its inland waterways. The trip would begin in the Bristol Channel and finish, as far as possible, in the English Channel. See, I told you he was slightly bonkers. Rich coming from someone who walks home from the pub, all 42 miles of it, then walks home from Glasgow airport. (I live in Reading) So I know all about mad.

He is raising money for The Children's Trust
The Children’s Trust is a national charity that provides the best possible care, therapy and education for children with multiple disabilities and complex health needs, in partnership with their families and other carers. They offer both residential and community-based rehabilitation services for children and young people with acquired brain injury (ABI).

So what have we got? 
  • I know about how children's lives can be destroyed in a second.
  • Justin knows first hand about Acquired brain injury.
  • Justin is doing something to raise awareness (and cash) for The Children's Trust
  • I want to help him
What else do you need to know? This, for starters! http://www.justgiving.com/channel2channel

Follow Justin on Twitter 
If you're reading this, chances are you already follow me, but here I am anyway
We'll both be knocking on about this until you get the hint, and more than likely long after you do too! Please do a little bit to help, you don't even have to spend any money, take a look at how you can do your bit! CLICK HERE Go on, you know you want to!

Oh! One last thing, if you've read this far, thanks and please tell your followers, friends, contacts or whatever people are called this week.


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