That's right, Jaffa! What does that mean to you?
Now for lots of people it will mean those biscuits, or are they cakes, those things with the orange bit covered in chocolate. For others it's the orange itself. 
Jaffa is an ancient port and is believed to be one of the oldest in the world. It's even slang for quite a few different things and even a term for a cricket ball that's hard to hit, or so I'm told!
Jaffa to me is none of those things, at least not any more it isn't. 

It all changed the other day. I was at a motorcross event as medical cover should someone come a cropper and end up inverted in a hedge somewhere with limbs missing. Luckily this didn't happen to anyone, but one guy did go apex over anchor over his tool box and whack his bonce. Anyway, I was chatting to Keith (another medic) about some courses I'm re-writing, wilderness stuff for the outdoor type medics like myself.  

Being a medic far from anywhere means that I don't have the luxury of a fully equipped front line ambulance, and have to make do with what I can carry, which up until now has included gaffa tape, I take it everywhere with me. Trouble with this is I keep loosing the stuff. Imagine putting it down on the floor of a Mongolian Ger at night, it's never seen again, leave it in a tree in a Columbian jungle and wave goodbye to it, this I know first hand. 

Then Keith hands me this strange orange object. It looked familiar, like an old friend, but different somehow. I turned it over and although something was not quite as it should be, I felt a warm glow. It was a roll of 'Jaffa Tape' My dreams had come true. Never again would this medic loose his most important piece of equipment. The 'old' tape was good, it splints, it bandages, it makes slings, it has even been used in Nepal to hold in a line feeding vital fluids to a very sick man. You could say it saved lives, because it has. But now...

Never again will wound coverings look dull, spints will be more pleasing on the eye, bright orange, waterproof tape on someones foot will stop pain purely by brightening up their life, albeit for a short while.
Thank you Everbuild, from every future patient of mine. Be they up a mountain, crossing an ocean, or filming a new insect for an 'Attenborough' documentary, they can sleep safe in their beds knowing that the medic has a new tool in his armoury, JAFFA TAPE.

 My medical kit is now complete


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