April Fool

OK it's the time of year when everyone feels the need to play little jokes, tell white lies, and have a laugh at the expense of others. So, in line with tradition, and for people who have not read my blog from the beginning, here are some facts about me. Some are true, some just works of fiction. Trouble is, it's up to you lot to decide which ones are which!
Good Luck! (You're gonna need it!) 
  • Madoc ap Bleddyn (Prince Madoc/King of Wales) was my Great great great etc Granddad.
  • Brenda Blethyn (Actress - Little Voice, A River Runs Through It) is my sister
  • I've broken my neck, fractured my skull, and broke my nose all at once but Moses saved my life 
  • I trekked through Indonesia with a mate and climbed Puncak Jaya 
  • I've climbed Everest twice once from Nepal and once from Tibet 
  • I tried skiing across The Bering Strait with mate from question 4. but failed miserably
  • I was adopted by an Indonesian who called me Saudara Putra
  • Kriss Akabusi - Athlete/TV presenter/Speaker used to be my physical training instructor in the Army
  • I once delivered a baby in a shop changing room
  • My nickname at school used to be 'Fuzz' because my dad was a policeman
Well, there they are, 10 facts about me... or are they?


Anonymous said…
Here's my best shot...!

Madoc ap Bleddyn: false
Brenda Blethyn: true
Life saved by Moses: true (I reckon there's some kind of wordplay going on here!)
Indonesia and Puncak Jaya: true
Skiing across Bering Strait: false
Adopted by Indonesian: true
Kriss Akabusi: false (but very cool if true!)
Delivered a baby: true
Nicknamed 'Fuzz': true
Beyond the Blog said…
6/10 Faraz not bad :o)
Anonymous said…
I seem to have missed out the Everest question to which I'll say: false (I know you've been to Base Camp but I'm not sure if you've been to the summit)

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