"Willies?" Got your attention didn't it?
This is a little something I did ages ago when Yahoo 360 was around. I've made some new friends since those days, and wondered just how well people think they know me, or not! So, in the name of research, here it is again in all it's glory. 
Now don't go looking at my old stuff on Yahoo for the answers cos they're not there any more as Yahoo took offence at a picture I posted and took out the whole lot. Must have been my mate having his willy out, OK it was covered by a gourd, and he was a Tribesman from Papua New Guinea, so it's only natural. Anyhow, like I said someone was offended and Yahoo, bless em, took my picture away SO, here's matie again with the offending WILLY, well and truly HIDDEN!

Right here's the deal... I've written down some facts about myself and thrown in some stuff that’s total fiction. See how many you can get right. The prize for the person with the most right is... well, nothing really. 

  1. When I’m not up a mountain, for a day job I'm a plumber.
  2. I spent 10 years in the Navy.
  3. I broke my leg in 14 places falling off a mountain.
  4. I have 4 kids.
  5. I was adopted by a naked man in a penis gourd.
  6. I have broken my neck.
  7. I've been read my 'last rights' by a confused Mexican Priest.
  8. I almost got run over because I was staring at a woman’s bum.
  9. I am fluent in 4 languages.
  10. I have climbed the highest mountain in Asia.

Some strange facts there you might agree, or did I just make the whole lot up? Try and answer them, true or false. Then when I get time I'll do a little blog post for all the true ones. If there are any of course ;o)


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