Damn you pot-hole

The Following is taken from my Justgiving pages...

My name is Steve Blethyn, on March 22nd 2010, I got on a Rail Air coach which took me to Heathrow then I flew up to Glasgow.
All I had to do then was get back to Reading. I was going to stop at a few places on the way down, a hospice here, a charity ball there, you know how it is. I was going well, doing an average of 52 miles a day. Did I say I was doing it on foot? Just me and a pair of boots. All my food, clothing, waterproofs etc. were in a rucksack on my back. I slept in a Bivvy bag or hammock, depending on how  windy it was. If I couldn't carry it then it stayed at home. I was due to arrive back in Reading on April 1st, I'll have walked 503 miles, have sore legs, lost a bit of weight and more than likely be sporting a fine set of blisters. Most importantly, I'll hopefully have raised loads of money for some very worthwhile causes. BUT...
I got as far as Leeds, very early on Saturday morning. I was going to help shake some collection tins. This was not to be however, Leeds Council saw to that, or was it the Highways agency? Either way, the pot hole that I mistook for a puddle because of the early morning sun put me out of action. I was walking like a man on a mission, knocking off miles like there was no tomorrow when the next thing I know, my foot goes sideways, I hear a "POP" and I'm sat on my backside watching white van man screaming towards me.
Not the best thing to have when I was only half way through a 500 mile challenge, a torn ligament maybe, a sprain, something broken perhaps? Fact of the matter is, challenge 'Another Long Way Down' bacame an even bigger Charlie Boorman tribute by becoming... Get home 'By Any Means'
The Leeds to Reading half will have to wait I'm afraid, but your sponsorship does not need to suffer the same as my foot, put hands in pockets and help me reach my target.


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