Another Long Way Down

A Long Way to go for a Curry
Here it is folks, in all it's glory. Add to this, a couple of little things like climbing Helvellyn, and treking up to Malham Cove, and the grand total covered is 500 miles. I start from Reading at 12:00 hrs today (March 22nd) When I get on a Rail Air coach to take me to Heathrow, then it's 90 minutes on a flight to Glasgow. The rest is down to me a map and a pair of boots. I'll only have my mobile phone with me so this is the last blog update you're going to get until I tell of my blisters in April. I shall however be twittering like a madman so that you all know how I'm doing. I need you all to do me a favour (or two)...
Wish me luck, and make sure that there is loads of dosh going into these while I'm away;
You see, when I get back, I would like to be able to grant a wish for some very ill kids, and get some life saving kit for the volunteers who give their own time to help people in their own communities. So that's the favour I need from all of you... Tell EVERYONE what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and how they can help. Then when I get back, I'll even let you get me a drink at the Jazz Cafe, while I tuck into a curry. Come along and I'll tell you about my adventures. 

Here's a little secret to keep you interested... 
My next adventure may involve a boat and a lot of ice. I shall say no more

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