Now there's a thought

"It's all in the planning" so I'm told. But is it always necessary to spend a lot of time, and a small fortune in cash when planning an adventure? Sure, when it comes to a trip to the 8,848 metres (29,029 ft) that is the mighty Everest, then a bit of planning and preparation is not only a good idea but essential if you fancy coming back alive. It's going to cost you a fair bit too, you can't get away without the right gear, the permits, oxygen (if that's what you want) etc.
But I'm not talking months away from home here, I'm talking about a micro adventure. As a fellow challengee (if there is such a word) Tim Moss would say, "20 minutes snatched during a lunch break is time well spent" and if you never usually get to say "Hi!" to your mates because you're too busy, then even this brief meeting can be a micro adventure.
Take Alastair Humphreys as another example, and I don't mean his 'round the world on a student loan' type of trip. He has planned a night in a pub. Big deal I hear people saying... Well for some, this evening will be a mini adventure. I have already noticed that some people are travelling quite some distance for a pint with Alastair. The evening, (I'm sure he wont mind me spreading the word), will be a chance for people who, like me, are planning expeditions or challenges, to get to meet people who have been there got the t-shirt and want to share their knowledge. Now I've been to the Arctic, The Amazon Rain Forest, and the Himalayas to name a few places, and I could talk you to death with my dislike of 'packaged' holidays, but I'm going to try and get to this pub evening because I want to learn from some of the guys who do this for a living (or just because they can) I want to meet some of the men and women who have done things I wouldn't dream of doing, and maybe tell them some of the things I have done that they wouldn't dream of doing. I've even been presented with another mini challenge.
Alastair will be on the top floor of the Iron Duke pub in Victoria station, London at 6.30pm on Tuesday March 9th until about 9pm. Now I live in Reading so that means getting on a train, then tube or bus, (cos I ain't paying for parking, know what I mean) Then I go to the pub, and afterwards I have to do it all in reverse... or do I?
On March 22nd I'm flying to Glasgow for the start of what will be a 500 mile walk all the way back to Reading. (I know it's under 400 miles as the crow flaps, but I'm going the scenic route) I'll be carrying most of my food, washing in any water I find that is cleaner than me and sleeping in a bivvy when I stop each night. I hope to do the trip in 10 days, that's 50 miles a day if my maths is up to scratch. So as you can imagine, I've been running, walking with a rucksack, watching what I eat... not changing it, just watching it. Now I never turn down a golden opportunity, and Alastairs pub night has just presented me with one.
Victoria Station in London is just about 40 miles from my front door in Reading, so why not walk home afterwards? Now there's a thought! I'll take my rucksack to London, meet some like minded people, hopefully learn a thing or two from some of them. Then have a mini adventure of my own. Just like that! Planning for adventure? Why bother when they land in your lap like this.

Thanks Alastair, see you down the pub!

I've said this already but here it is again...

Alastair will be on the top floor of the Iron Duke pub in Victoria station, London at 6.30pm on Tuesday March 9th until about 9pm.

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Alastair said…
What a genius idea! You will acquire "legend" status if you turn up armed only with a small backpack for you to walk back home through the night! Awesome!

I suggest that you follow the Thames path: the pub is a 5 minute walk from the Thames at Vauxhall bridge. You can follow the river all the way home from there on the footpath...

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