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Andy gives the impression he is an eco-adventurer, but beneath that thin veneer lies an engine-loving petrol-head curious about viable alternative fuels. Obsessed with how things work and break. Andy is powered by avoiding soap and water.
The Biotruck Expedition is a 12 month expedition to drive around the world to discover how people are using and generating energy, and their attitudes towards carbon emissions.
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This is Andy's Appeal for Help...
I’m launching this email petition and hoping that everyone that’s been so supportive already, will help by sending the email below to the Indian High Commissioners in London and in Rome, as well as to the only email address I could find for the Ministry of Home Affairs.
Please add your name and home town at the bottom of the email and of course you can edit the contents as you see fit. Tell your friends about it (facebook it, tweet it, talk about it at work...) and invite them to send emails too. Hopefully if enough people send it, it will have an impact.
This is my last resort and I hope it will motivate the officer to complete his investigation. There is no legal time limit. It’s already been 6 weeks, and until they do I am trapped in India.
Thanks for your help.

Subject: The Criminal Case Against Andrea Pagnacco (aka Andy Pag).

For the attention of:
Mr P. Chiemdambaram, The Indian Minister of Home Affairs
Mr. Nalin Surie, The Indian High Commissioner in London,
And the Indian Ambassador in Rome


Andrea Pagnacco (publicly known as Andy Pag) was arrested for possession of a satellite phone in Pushkar, Rajasthan, and charged under anti-terrorism laws on the 11th of January. After 7 days in prison he was released on bail after the judge criticised police for their approach and ruled there was no evidence to suggest he was a national security risk.
Now after 6 weeks, the police have still not submitted a chargesheet to the court, missing the dates of 5 hearings set by the judge. Until they do, Mr Pagnacco is held on bail unable to leave India.
Mr Pagnacco has provided all the evidence required by Investigating Officer Superintendent Tak of Ajmer Police, Rajasthan, including an email correspondence from the satellite phone operator confirming his phone has not been used in India. Its authenticity is simple to confirm with a phone call, fax or email.
However SP Tak has publicly stated that he is too busy with local elections. This is surprising considering that he drafted in over 100 officers for the investigation on the day of the arrest, but now has no manpower to conclude it.
While I appreciate that India needs to be vigilant to terror attacks, the police have admitted to Mr Pagnacco and his lawyer that they are now assured he is not a National Security threat, but continue to delay filing any charges against him.
Please can you request that the Ministry of Home Affairs confirm with Additional Superintendent Tak of Ajmer Police (Mobile +919414173337, Office +91 145 262 7700) that this investigation is proceeding at an appropriate pace.
Thank you for your understanding and help in this matter.


Unknown said…
Steve, that's a disturbing situation...
If you are open to a suggestion, then I think bringing the essence to the front might be more effective - HIT the readers right from the start... Something like:

"Eco Explorer on a mission to research energy generation and usage arrested and trapped in India for the possession of a satellite phone. Please sign the petition to free him. "

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