Alastair Humphreys has just walked around the M25 with his mate Rob. Why I hear you ask, well I'm not sure really but I've been following his progress via Twitter and drawing maps so other people can see how far they walked every day. You can see the maps on Twitpic. So why did I get involved? Why not! I wasn't getting paid, nobody even asked me to do it. I just felt like sharing something I was interested in with others. I am after all, doing something similar in March, when I fly to Glasgow then walk back here to Reading... 'because I can' Hopefully I'll even have a party when I get back... stay tuned for details, it'll be 'Another Good Night Out'
So why do people like Alastair and myself do things like this? Why did Alastair spend years cycling around the world? Why do we both walk ridiculous distances and why do I climb mountains, who is my inspiration, who is my hero? I can't speak for Mr H but here is a reply that I posted on his website when he asked the same question, "who is your hero?"

Sir Chris Bonington 

When I was about 12-13 years old my Dad got a book called Everest The Hard Way. I remember him studying the pages for hours. When I finally got my hands on the book he asked me what I thought of people like Chris Bonington. I told him that they’re hero’s and I wanted to do what they do. Dad shocked me by saying I must be as mad as them to even think about climbing a mountain. It wasn’t until I joined the Army that I actually got to do anything close to Chris Bonington, Doug Scott, or Don Whillans (and his famous box). Adventure training, mountaineering, white water rafting, all at the expense of HM Forces. Then came civi-street in ‘94, one crap job after another, until picked up another book on Everest, saw Chris Bonington on the first page I opened. It was at that moment I decided that one day I’ll have to do what I want to do, not what the world thinks I should do. Then last November my latest ‘crap job’ came to a very sudden end. Maybe that time has come. It’s ‘me’ time. Time to follow in the footsteps of Chris Bonington, time to live a little rather than just pay the bills. Who knows, in a few years time, someone’s son or daughter might be called mad by their Dad for even thinking about doing the things I’m going to start doing.
So, who is my hero? Chris Bonington?
My Dad is my hero, it is him after all that got the book that may have just changed my life.

Right, now I've told you who inspires me, who my hero is, it's your turn. Click on Al_Humpreys and answer his question yourself. Who is your hero?


Kate Percy said…
Chris Bonnington came to give a talk at my primary school - I was probably 10 yrs old at the time. Everyone in my class had to write an essay about climbing Everest to present to him and I won the essay prize! I remember him giving me the book and all sorts of Everest memorabilia...that's 35 years ago and I still remember it vividly. It definitely sparked a spririt of adventure in me and I think he will always one of my heros....not sure I'll ever get to climb Everest however!

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