Fancy a walk?

I do, I go for a walk every day. Mostly with the dogs but sometimes just by myself so that my brain can take a break and basically do nothing other than the stuff that keeps me breathing. Just lately I've started taking a camera with me too. I'm trying to take at least one photo every day for the whole year, and so far I'm doing OK. The photos have mostly been rubbish but I'm hopng they'll improve with time. December's photos had better be good.
Anyway, this is not why I decided to tap away on the ol' keyboard today. Today I'm dragging up some older blogs and giving them a face lift, the following blurb was first let out on it's own in October last year, and yes it's about me going for a walk, quite a long walk, OK a very long walk.

This is about an idea I had. It’s a mad, crazy idea but it's an idea all the same.
On 22nd March 2010, I start a journey. My wife is going to take me to Reading station, Rail Air are kindly going to take me from there to my terminal at Heathrow where I’ll fly with BMI to Glasgow. I'm getting fed by an Accor Hotel, given a bed for the night and breakfast in the morning. So far, all off the travel and accommodation has been given to me free of charge. (well, it was back in October) The only problem is that it's all one-way tickets, so it looks like I’ll just have to walk back to Reading, via Leeds and a couple of other 'off the beaten track' places. That’s 500+ miles on foot, or 804km for the metric among us. I am not going to be in a posh hotel all the time you know, oh no! After 22nd March it's just me and anything I can fit in the bag on my back. I'll be sleeping 'alfresco' dinning on food I cook on my own stove and washing when I find a river, lake, pond etc cleaner than me. I'm doing this trip, not only because I can (I hope) but because I want to raise money for some much needed lifesaving equipment for Community First Responders. I also want to raise money and awareness for Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity. I need as much support as possible. (Some people say I need some sort of therapy, but that's another story) You can find more details on my web

Anything that won’t fit into my rucksack stays at home. I shall be carrying all my food, clothing and a sleeping bag. Hopefully I can get the boots in time to break them in and after that distance on tarmac I’ll need a second pair. I think lightweight will be the order of the day, or 10 days to be exact.
Any support I receive, however small, I shall be making public in local and national press, Hopefully Country Walking Magazine, on TV and the World Wide Web.
I now have the boots, sleeping bag (although it's a tad on the heavy side), stove, etc. The flight to Glasgow is booked (and nobody can cancel this one), and I'm almost set to go. I do still need a bivvy bag and food supply, so if anyone out there is in the mood to support a worthy cause...


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