Survey time...

There's a blog around with a rather keen interest in where I live... So, when I noticed it had a survey, (and I was waiting for the wife to drag her backside out of bed) I killed a few minutes and filled in the answers. Here they are for your entertainment

A1 - Who are you? Steve Blethyn, Mountaineer, Adventurer, Wilderness Medic and Corporate Escapee
A2 - What is the title of your blog? Steve's News
A3 - When did you write your first post? 10/08/07 but only seriously since 2009
A4 - How many posts have you written in total? Over 200 but I've deleted a few and some have moved elsewhere

B1 - What are your main areas of interest? Mountains, Medicine, Motivation and the occasional mention of Mutts.
B2 - Do you have any political interests you wish to promote? - If yes, please describe: No Politics for me thank you
B3 - Do you have any commercial interests you wish to promote? - If yes, please describe: You'll need to take a look at my website and decide for yourself but I am available as a first aider for any private functions, school fetes, rock concerts etc. I also teach first aid and wilderness medicine
B4 - Do you have any other areas of interest you wish to tell other people about? - If yes, please describe: I am actively raising awareness to the fact that there are not enough people in our area who know what to do in a medical emergency. I don't want paramedics on every street corner (although it would be good) What I want is to teach people basic first aid so that this never happens again. 

"Don't wait for your boss to send you on a first aid course, your loved one's may need your help tonight"

C1 - What are you connections with Reading? Live, work, and save lives in Reading
C2 - What do you think is the best thing about Reading? Its community spirit (usually) 107fm, London Irish and the Royals. (and the Royal Berks aint too bad) Did I mention the guys at South Central Ambulance Service? It also has the M4 running across the bottom of it making it easy to escape to Wales and the hills, or go the other way to Heathrow and hop on a plane to 'bigger' hills.
C3 - What do you think is the worst thing about Reading? Crime, drugs and hooligans... Oh! and not enough people know basic first aid and there are no mountains in Berkshire
C4 - How would you like to see Reading change in the future? More of C2 and less of C3

Would you be interested in participating in future Reading List Blog Network initiatives? Why not, I'm game for a laugh

If you're from Reading, have a blog, and fancy doing this survey, click on the link below.


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