Spelling Mistikes

There has been a bit on the web recently about grammar. Is it too, to or even two? Shall I use there, they're, or their? There are also occasions when people just 'get it wrong'. Spelling aside, some guys just can't seem to get their facts right. OK now I know nobody is perfect, but as Al Humphreys pointed out, if you're going to write to someone, or phone them, if you are in the profession where you are meant to be informing the rest of the world about someone or something (you know who you are) make sure you have your facts right before you even think about picking up a pen or hitting that keyboard. The example I had most recently was this...
“Mr Blessing, after you ski to 90° south, do you intend to also go further south, are you also going to the south pol and will you also be skiing up everest also”

This is so wrong in so many ways it almost makes me want to cry, and this was from a man who calls himself a journalist. First off, my spell checker has just put red squiggles all over the place. Everest for example should have a capital 'E', pol has an 'e' on the end and I'm sure that 'also' makes an appearance far too often. My spell checking software seems to work OK on my 'Open Office' and I know for a fact that Microsoft have got the same facility on their software, so why don't people use it? 
Why is it that I can have a twenty minute conversation with somebody over the phone with no problem speaking whatsoever, yet when I say my name “Blethyn” the person on the other end thinks that I must have developed a strange kind of lisp that only makes an appearance when I talk about myself, so they help me out by not saying anything at the time but writing to me calling me Mr Blessing? No! That's a 'th' in the middle not a 'ss' and it's 'yn' not 'ing'.
That's the grammatical moan over, I know there are other typos but hey, live with it. For now, let me move on to the information side of things. I shall 'KISS' this (Keep It Short and Simple)
90° South IS the South Pole, so yes, I intend to attempt to ski there, but only the last degree and only after I have summited Mt Vinson! So no record breaking attempts I'm afraid. For that try these guys... http://www.lastgreatchallenge.com I'm sure if they manage to go any further South than 90° they'll tell the world about it!? 
I have yet to see anyone ski 'up' a mountain, I may be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that gravity plays an important part in mountain skiing, therefore most of it is 'downhill'. So, No is the answer here, I'll have crampons on my feet for Everest, not skis, so again no record breaking attempts.
So why bother? Why not I say! I like mountains, I like walking and I like snow. OK so I'm a big kid. I like doing things that some people may call stupid, silly or even dangerous. I do some other things that are not quite as dangerous but still seen as daft by the populous, take Another Long Way Down for example. 
So, do I want to summit Everest because it's the hardest mountain in the world to climb? No, mainly because it isn't, highest maybe, but there are plenty of other hills, almost as high, a lot harder technically, and you can guarantee that they'll be less expensive. So why, not "because it's there" surely. I just do, I've wanted to climb it since I was a kid, along with a few other mountains. As I said, it may not be the hardest, but it's not easy either. It will take a lot of planning, loads of effort and stacks of cash. If I manage to get to the top, and down again, (the summit is only half way after all), I'd like to think that I would have achieved something worthy of a few written lines here and there. If I manage to complete the Seven Summits, and ski the Last Degree, you can bet your life I'll be telling everyone about it. So if in the future you hear a story about a guy who did all of this, please pass it on. But spell my name right eh!

Steve Blethyn (that's B-L-E-T-H-Y-N)


I agree with you on some levels - it is so important to make an effort to communicate clearly. However, we are still only human and typos do happen :( Sometimes the pull of the words flowing off the keyboard is hard to keep up with and the odd boo-boo happens (or in my case, quite a lot!). To err is human, to forgive is divine :) And sometimes, it's good to deliberately break the rules. Rules are meant to be broken :) To me language is a tool for expression, but not the controller, if that makes sense?

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