Now what?

OK, so what was all that about?

I've spent a small fortune, not quite sure what on. I ate far too much and still have enough food to survive a couple of months without stepping a foot outside the house. I drank more bottles of Newcastle Brown in one night than I usually do in an entire year, OK, three bottles. (This was actually 2½ bottles due to a son/dog mixture getting over excited, the consequence of which was that I got to wear most of my second bottle over my shirt). I even sat through Catherine Tate's Christmas Special, and some bloke talking about his top 50 YouTube videos. I have a throat that feels like I've been gargling with razor blades, the house has a strange smell about it (other than wet dog) and to top it all off, the boiler has packed up, and I can't get someone to come and fix it. All because we celebrate the birth of some bloke who I don't believe in but who, so the story goes, was born, lived, and died, thousands of years before I was even thought of.
The town (Reading) has been a nightmare. Far too many people in far too many shops spending far too much money they have not even be paid yet. We've had snow like you've never seen with a two hour wait to get out of a car park, only to drive straight to the next one to abandon my car after sitting in traffic for two more hours driving nowhere fast. Maybe it was the 'wrong type of snow' for the council to drive their gritter lorries on, I'll never know. Still, at least the wife and myself had a nice walk in the snow, even if we were carrying two and a half thousand shopping bags.
But the fun is not over yet, we still have New Year to come. Kids staying up late, people doing their best to boost the nations alcohol sales, only to leave most of it down their shirts and on pavements. Hopefully most of this technicolour yawning will be well away from any emergency vehicles that night, especially the one I'll be in. Yep, I'm spending a night under the lights, blue ones. So if anyone thinks they should call 999 for a lift home, DON'T, call a taxi! If someone has the need to empty their stomach contents in the back of an ambulance, please wait until after 6 o'clock on New Years morning when my shift finishes.
I sound like a right grumpy old sod here, but I must ask myself this... Would I do it all again next year?
Bloody right I would! The wife is so happy right now it's amazing. The look on our daughter, Katie's face when she opened her presents was fantastic, and she's 22! She had to go back 'up North' for Christmas to spend it with her other halfs lot, but it's always great to see her. Even Mart, the eldest, has graced us with his presence this year. It was funny watching him, watching his younger Bro' open his presents. I could read his mind, “that'd fit me, I'm having that, that's going in my case.”
The wife has got her Wii Fit Plus that she has been dropping jumbo size hints about for ages, and the boys got more designer clothing than there is on ebay. Katie better cook up something spectacular with the stuff she has and I got my new Scarpa boots and the smallest gas stove you ever did see and a cool book on Pre Hospital Care. So all is good in the Blethyn household right now. There is even an eerie silence in the house as I sit here on my own. Everyone else has gone to hit the sales, mad fools! So I think I may just finish this blog off, pour a glass of something then just sit with the dogs and listen to the peace.
Yeah! I'd do this again! Roll on next Christmas. Until then...


PS the guy's been to fix the boiler


Linda (Xlentadventurer) said…
Seems like it all goes to hell and a hand basket right around the holidays, doesn't it? Be grateful you don't have to deal with the family drama I have every year. This year, I chose not to deal and enjoy Christmas in a less hostile environment. I'll be paying the price for that decision a good long time! Bottom line...had a wonderful time celebrating with my daughter and grandkids! Kids make Christmas worth while! Happy New Year, Steve! On with the new challenges! For me, a 100 mile backpack throught the Sierra Nevada's!!! Hopefully, I can make it happen!
Anonymous said…
Excellent!!! Gin xx

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