The funny thing about Reading...

Now maybe it's me, I don't know, but what's so wrong with taking a couple of dogs for a walk. The last time I had so many strange looks, I was going for a brisk walk with a 45lt rucksack, stuffed to overflowing, with an "I support Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity" T-shirt and a matching flag tied to a walking pole that was sticking out of the side of the afore mentioned sack.
OK so it was chucking it down with rain at the time. But when I walked the dogs, I did have a waterproof jacket and trousers on. Maybe we attracted so much attention because like me, the dogs do love a good run. Now I see people running all the time but I've never hit the curb and end up perched on the footpath staring at a lamp post in my car like the woman in the Renault did, because she was so busy looking at me and the beasts. She did say sorry though, as I saw her back onto the road. It didn't matter that it was dark, I could 'feel' her embarrassment.
Unlike the 'Whitley Massif' as they drove past doing a tad over the 40mph limit hurling abuse at my dogs. Now if 'Giant Twat!' was the best that ye olde Will Shakespeare could come up with, then English lessons would be so different now don't you think? I have a feeling though that English is not the only lesson missing from the 'Massifs' curriculum. Come to think of it, they may even have been the likely lads who were so impressed with the beasts a few weeks ago that they thought it would be nice to hurl a firework at Murphy and me as we did the 'walkies' thing one night. Oh what a sight we were. Me flying through the air like Peter Pan, behind his faithful friend 'Nana'. No, Murphy isn't a fan of fireworks.
Anyway, back to the strange looks...
Walking dogs, a normal every day occurrence. Running, likewise, something that is not unusual, even in South Reading (although it's usually away from someone). Being out after dark, while not recommended in White'ly Wood, is still something that happens all the time. We have all been caught out in the rain, it happens. It's one of those things, get used to it 'cos it looks like we could have a bit more over the next few days. Like a friend of mine said, “There is no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothing” That brings me nicely to the waterproof stuff I have loads of. Personally I say bring on the snow, but that's another story. Being a bit on the large side is also something that is not usually a talking point, so this is my question to the good people of Berkshire...
What is so unusual about a 6'2” 220lb bloke in waterproofs, running down the B3270 in the pouring rain surrounded by over 300lb of Newfoundland dogs after dark?
It seems perfectly normal to me!
If anyone wants to know why I seem to be training with my dogs for some marathon walk across the UK, it's because I am. Take a look here but please be assured that the dogs will be safe at home being walked by the wife, more than likely one at a time, in daylight, when it's not raining, sorry Ginny!


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