Another Long Way Down (and some other stuff)

Just thought it was about time to ramble on about my little trek down the UK that I'm doing next year. What's going to happen (I hope) is this;

March 22nd 2010 my boss (the wife) is going to drop me at Reading station then I'm going to hop on board a Rail Air coach, I'm then going to get on a plane to take me to Glasgow. Not sure what plane now 'cos some moron cancelled the flight I had 'donated' to me, but that's another story. Anyway, I digress.
I'm going to make my way to the shores of Loch Lomond, visiting a children's hospice don't you know. Then it's on with the walking boots and off to Leeds to meet Alice. Alice is holding a charity ball to raise funds for Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity. If you fancy joining in the fun, click on Alice This will take you to a radio link, PLEASE, if you do nothing else, just listen to the radio bit, but, if after listening to this you feel the need, click on the justgiving link under the radio bar. This will be Alice's link but if you prefer, here's mine. Justgiving it all goes to the same place.
Then when I've fed and watered myself in Leeds it's a simple trek to Reading and back home for what I'm hoping will be a good night out with a comedian and a chilli maybe, but this is just a thought at the moment so stay tuned.
I'm roughing it on the way down as there'll be no posh hotels, no hot showers, no bed and breakfasts oh no. I shall be doing this with whatever I can carry on my back, dining alfresco, and probably skinny dipping in whatever water I come across to freshen up. In March? Brrrrrr! Now there's an image to give you nightmares. I won't be having nightmares myself, I'll be snug in my bivi every night, just me and the stars, and whatever wildlife happens to wander past.
So there it is in all it's glory...
Fly to Scotland
Walk Back (503 miles)
Meet people on way and take all their money off them for good causes
Have a good night in Reading with 150 friends to celebrate afterwards

SIMPLES! as Alexsandr Orlov would say.

Just to make the charity side of this clear, 'cos I know you're going to ask. Any money I raise while doing 'Another Long Way Down' or 'Another Good Night Out' in Reading will be split between Community First Responders and Rays of Sunshine unless I'm told other wise by the sponsor. People who want to donate to only one of the charities can do so by following the links above.

What do I get out of it?


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