In the News Again

Ooh! Look at me in Country Walking Mag.

I hope you're all now rushing out to get a copy. It's for all outdoor people not just walkers and climbers like me. It has articles this month (November Issue) on exploring British woodland through one man's love affair with trees, walking's instant health gains and the seven deadly sins of weight loss in the Feel Good section. Gear tested includes waterproof jackets, headtorches and winter hats, yes the dark and cold days are coming, but then theres even a bit about why we love Autumn. The celeb's like Kate Humble, Chris Packman and Simon King have to say why they are inspired by walking, why it is the ultimate sensory experience and why you too should stop for rainbows. There's even a crossword for those times when the couch won't let you go and you can win books by Cicerone. Then the regular features include photos and letters from readers and 27 walks from all over the UK for you to try out.
Most importantly...
I'm in it this month so go and get your copy, and if you can find Millie, you're better than me. Millie? Get a copy to find out what I mean.


feenix1981 said…
OOooh, get you! Glad your search more maxium media exposure is paying off - good article and I like your last comment. So true, what more is there to say?!

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