This year’s campaign from Suzy Lamplugh Trust is about staying safe on and around public transport. I thought as I'll be using some of this next March, (22nd to be precise, click here to see why) I'd add their words of wisdom here on my blog.
 Public transport in the UK is actually very safe but incidents do happen and it makes sense to take a few simple precautions. So why not improve your Personal Safety by following the tips below when you’re travelling home tonight!

· Plan your journey and know which stop you need
· Check arrival times in advance to avoid a long wait
· Always try to wait for your train or bus in a busy, well lit place
· Have your ticket/pass ready, away from your wallet or purse
· If you feel concerned about your safety you should sit close to the driver
· If you are on a tube/train, always try to sit in a carriage where there are other people

 For more safety tips and further information about National Personal Safety Day go to www.suzylamplugh.org/npsd09
You can also help friends and colleagues by forwarding this information to them.
Visit them @ www.suzylamplugh.org
Follow them @ http://twitter.com/live_life_safe


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