A bit about our Ambulance Service in the South

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust (SCAS) is part of the NHS. It was established in July 2006 following the merger of four ambulance trusts in the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire. Their area covers over 3,500 sq miles with a population of over four million. Their emergency call centres handle more than 400,000 emergency and urgent calls a year.
Their two main functions are:
  • the provision of an accident and emergency service to respond to 999 calls
  • the Patient Transport Service.
The provision of an accident and emergency service to respond to 999 calls 

Through investment in more staff, newer vehicles and improved ways of working they are aiming to reach emergencies even faster in the future, helping improve outcomes for patients and saving more lives.
SCAS is also involved, along with other healthcare providers, in service developments which will enable them to treat more patients in their own homes and therefore prevent unnecessary trips to hospital. Responses to calls are based on the needs of the patient. A range of responses is available to emergency calls, including:
  • Helicopter
  • Motorcycles
  • Double crewed and singled crewed paramedic ambulances
  • Bicycle responders
  • Community First Responders (like me)
Patient Transport Service

The Patient Transport Service performs an important role in taking patients to and from their hospital appointments. In some areas, SCAS also provide non patient transport services within the health environment, for example transporting medical supplies and samples and transporting medical staff between locations.

Ambulance Community First Responders (I'm the one on the right)
These are local people trained to respond to life threatening incidents and provide immediate support. By increasing the number of community responders and providing equipment to locations where there is a high likelihood of incidents SCAS can knock vital seconds off the time it takes to deliver support to patients and consequently save more lives.

Community Equipment Loan Service

In addition, in Berkshire, SCAS provide a Community Equipment Loans Service on behalf of the local health economy. Based at Theale, the service provides a large range of medical equipment and aids, which support patients to continue independent living in their own homes.

Commercial Training

They provide a wide range of first aid courses through their commercial training department. They provide First Aid at Work training. (and so do I)  OK! So if I know all this about our local Ambulance service...
I am a Community First Responder for them after all, and a first aid instructor, who, I hasten to add, is available as a first aider for concerts, functions, football matches, school fetes etc...
how is it that when someone asked me earlier today what I know about South Central Ambulance Service, my mind went blank and I looked like a total idiot???


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