Lori Schneider


That web address belongs to Lori Schneider, she's the woman in the photo (hope you don't mind Lori but I just stole this from your Facebook page) Lori is a Mountain Climber, Teacher, Lifelong Learner, Inspirational Speaker for Adults and Youth to name but a few of her many talents. She has travelled round the world more than once. She teaches kids with special needs, Pre-school and first year kids. 

The photo was taken earlier this year when she finished climbing Everest. That in itself is a big deal, but by climbing Everest she has completed the Seven Summits, an even bigger deal. How does she find the time you may ask when there are so many kids to teach.

That's is not why I think she is worth a mention on my blog. The reason this woman is special is that she has managed to do all this with Multiple Sclerosis, now that is worth a mention on anyones page. I'm writing it here because I think she's great, and I want to take this oportunity to help Lori spread her words of wisdom. Lori’s message to adults and children alike, reminds us that

If we believe, we can achieve.

Well Done Lori


Anonymous said…
Hi Steve, Thanks for including me on your blog. This technology is all a bit new to me, so I appreciate you helping to spread the word. Looked at your sites and you look like you do some great things for people. Thanks for helping me as well. I became the first person in the world with MS to complete Everest, as well as the first in the world with MS to complete the seven summits. I have been receiving letters from people with MS from all over the world, and those are the stories that inspire ME. Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Thanks Steve -Lori

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