Another Long Way Down (Mk2)

Got a 2-way trip planned, I may have mentioned it. It's called Another Long Way Down, but I'd better point out the legal bit before I go any further. Another Long Way Down is not endorsed by, or connected in any way to Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's 'Long Way Down' apart from the fact that it's a long way and also that I'm heading er... down, for want of a better word.

Now it's a 2-way challenge that I have here. First bit of the challenge was to get from where I live in Reading, to Glasgow. Easy, got that sorted with the very generous help of Rail Air  and a flight on a big thing from Heatrow.

The second part of this challenge may be a little harder, I have to walk back. No more luxury travel for me, it's all down to fitness (gulp!) and well fitting boots, which by the way I still need, so if anyone out there is a boot shop owner... know what I mean ;o) As you can imagine this is going to take a bit longer going South than the flight up. Ten days longer actually, stopping in my trusty tent every night apart from when I am in Glasgow. Attention Tent Shop Owners! All I need to do is walk from A to B to C etc (see map) and find somewhere to pitch a tent each night. "At last" I hear you say, "he's finally going to tell us why he needs a field!"

Please take a look at the map and see if you live near the blue line and you have a field, car park, back yard, barn, shed anything in fact that I could use for a night, please let me know, I'll be forever in your debt, well maybe that's a bit strong, but I'll be very grateful.

The one night that could be a problem is in Leeds. I don't think there are many open fields in city square, and the local force may object to a tent on the steps of The Headrow Shopping Centre or the Library, even if the Library is a pub. Come to think of it there's a field round the corner from the library if my memory serves me well. Going to drop in on Alice, and have a drink or two with her and her family and mates. She is one hell of a young lady and you can read all about her and why I am paying her a visit here so make sure you click on that here over there. Confused? Here's another one just in case. HERE

Anyway, here's a map for you

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