Time for another Thank You!

So here I was, thinking that it's great getting flights from bmi to take us to Glasgow. Better still that we have a night in a hotel before we start our long walk back to Reading. Then it hit me, "How are we going to get to Heathrow to catch the flight to Glasgow?" Didn't really fancy a walk down th A4 to get to the airport before we start the challenge. Then something else hit me, it was the phone book. A quick phone call to RailAir and we're sorted.

RailAir is the dedicated non-stop coach service that links Reading station with Heathrow Airport. You do not need to be travelling by train to take advantage of the service. Purchasing e-tickets on-line couldn't be easier. Simply enter your travel requirements into the pink box on the front page of their website and you will then be forwarded to a secure on-line payment facility. You will then be emailed a receipt and your e-ticket and you simply need to print out your e-ticket and hand it to a member of staff when boarding the coach.

Better still, if you're mad enough to do something crazy like walk 459.6 miles for a couple of charities like Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity & Community First Responders, then RailAir, being one of the best examples of bus/rail integration within the UK, with a history going back over 40 years, give you the tickets for free.

Now that's what I call a result,

Thank You RailAir


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