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Those of you who live on Earth and have not been on vacation to the dark side of the moon, may have just noticed that I do stuff for charity. I climb mountains, go on ridiculous length walks, ski across frozen wilderness, you know, usual sort of stuff.
Well I also do a bit of the old medicine too. Mostly Wilderness type of medicine but I can put on a uniform and blend into the crowd as well as the next medic, nurse, first aider or even as an extra on 'scrubs'. I have to be able to do this because as a wilderness medic, you just never know what's going to happen next.
Anyway, I digress!
I love kids, got three of 'em myself. Admittedly two have grown up and got law degree's and the other one is A' level type exams as I speak, but they're my kids and I'm proud of 'em. Three bright healthy kids. Lucky aren't I!
Sad thing is, not everyone is as lucky as me, not fit enough to walk down the shops let alone climb mountains, or walk almost 500 miles in 10 days. It's even more sad when the person that is ill is your child. Especially if that child has a life limiting illness and may not even make it to his or her next birthday let alone become an adult. These are the kids (and parents, brothers and sisters) I raise money for. This money goes to two charities. Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity exists to help grant the wishes of children who are living with serious or life-threatening illnesses between the ages of 3-18 who live in the United Kingdom. With your help they and their families can experience the joy and excitement of doing something they've only ever dreamt of before.

In a few weeks time I'm going to fly up to Scotland. One-way tickets for the flight up I'm afraid. See the thing is that this is a fundraising trip where I'm walking from the banks of Loch Lomond, to Reading.  Well actually that's not quite right. One of Rays of Sunshine's former 'wish children' is holding a 'Sunshine Ball' to raise money for them. Her way of saying thank you for the excellent way that the charity looked after her when they made a wish of hers come true. The Sunshine Ball is going to be held on 27th March 2010 in the Queen's Hotel in Leeds. It would be rude of me to miss out on such an event when I will be walking right past the door wouldn't it. Especially as she's all well and grown up now. But that's why this young girl is so special... She isn't! She is special, and sort of grown up, but she isn't well. In fact she is still very sick. A teenager who has so far spent the best part of three years in hospital with a rare form of diabetes. In the past couple of weeks she has been in theatre to have a central line replaced, got an infection, had a problem with a heart valve now has a blood clot, and on top of all that has endocarditis, an inflammation of the inner layer of the heart. Yet she still worries about finding prizes and things to auction, to raise money for the charity.
This is why I need your help, urgently!
If there is anyone out there who can donate anything at all. A signed football, a night in a hotel, a day at a spar, a huge bottle of champagne, anything at all. Even a crusty old pair of socks once worn by an old footballer from days gone may be worth something to someone on the night. So if that plasma screen TV is taking up too much room in the shop and it needs a new home, I can make sure it gets to Leeds on the night and finds a loving new home. More importantly it will be something less for a young girl to worry about when she should be concentrating on getting better.
Sound like I'm begging? Good. I am!
Please Help in anyway you can. Send me money if you must, send her money, hey send us both money. It's all going to the same place. One last time then.


Thanks Guys!

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