Boy, 10, begins Kilimanjaro climb

A 10-year-old boy from Berkshire has set off on his journey to become one of the youngest people to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Jack Harley-Walsh, of Ascot, will trek the 19,330ft (5,892m) peak in north east Tanzania, with his mother Sue.
The pair have already conquered Mount Meru to acclimatise for the climb and set off for Kilimanjaro on Saturday.
Money is being raising for the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust and Sebastian's Action Trust.
Jack said he was raising money for the air ambulance after visiting a fun day it held.
Sebastian's Action Trust was set up in memory of Sebastian Gates, from Binfield, near Wokingham, who died of cancer in 2003 aged nine.
It operates a holiday home where sick children can visit with their families.
Grandmother Josie Walsh told the BBC that when they reached the top of Mount Meru the youngster and his mother raised a flag wearing their charity t-shirts.

She said: "Jack was sick during the climb, but he told everyone that he was going to do it because Sebastian was sicker than him.
"They said they were going to take it slow on the first day of Kilimanjaro just to give Jack every chance to get to the top, the guides have been absolutely fantastic.
"He just hopes that his chickens and kittens are alright back home.
"We are encouraging people to sponsor him so we can raise as much money as we can."
The group set off for Kilimanjaro on Saturday after a day's rest at base camp and are due to return on Tuesday.


Beyond the Blog said…
I forgot the link
Best of luck on the climb!
Anonymous said…
Hi Steve I have just read your blog bercause it was on a google page I was looking at for Jack,...I am delighted you mentioned Jacks charity sebastian action trust during his Kilimanjaro etc climbs but you being a medic I was even more supprised you did not mention he was collecting for the THAMES vALLEY AND CHILTERN AIR AMBULANCE!!!
Iw onder if you read the rest of his story. He did the 3 mountains and then needed the African air ambulance after a run in with a camel!!! YES we are delighted we fund raise for them!
I am trying to talk Jack into doing K2 but now he has his award from Bear G he thinks it could be dangerous, and, ruin his chance of getting into the audience of Top Gear!! Looks like its gonna be Pilgrims way!
Beyond the Blog said…
Bear G is right... forget K2 at his age. Far too dangerous. When he's older he can try technical stuff, (I'll even offer to look after the medical side of things) Even Everest is easier than K2, take my word for it! Mt Meru, Kenya and the mighty Kili are one thing K2 is something totally different and no place for a 10/11 year old.

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