Badly prepared walkers cause rise in rescue call outs

Don't want to state the obvious but news stories are suggesting a rise in mountain rescue call-outs is due mainly to badly prepared walkers.
The BBC is running a story saying that rescue teams across the UK are experiencing one of their busiest years amid a surge in calls from inexperienced walkers.The article claims that some rescue teams are being called out three times a week to help ramblers who have forgotten a map. The article says that call-outs in the Lakes have risen by 22% and in North Wales by 25% with the Mountain Rescue Council planning to discuss the issue with national park authorities and 'mountaineering groups', presumably the BMC and The Ramblers. A spokesman for Keswick MRT is quoted in the article as saying that many call outs are to people who have simply got the basics wrong. A lot of the call-outs are from people who could, to be honest, be much better prepared and could take a bit of responsibility for their own safety. They could be finding their own way off without needing us, who are actually an emergency service."Mountain Rescue, as you're almost certainly aware, is funded completely by fund-raising and, aside from helicopter recues, carried out by volunteers.One good way of getting involved is to join Basecamp, the National Supporters' Group for Mountain Rescue England and Wales.Full BBC news story at


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