A Long Way Down

Unfortunately this is nothing to do with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman riding their bikes to South Africa for charity.

This is about three offices up and down the UK, two Security Officers, and one idea. Yes! it's a mad, crazy type of idea but it's an idea all the same.

The company I work for, (but can't mention yet due to corporate red tape), is worldwide, but that's not what interests me at the moment. What does interest me are the three offices that my boss and I have regular, in fact, daily contact with. These three offices are in Glasgow, Teesside and here in Reading where we both work. The two security officers are my boss, Paddy Davies, and myself. I have persuaded Paddy that it would be a good idea if we took a trip to see these other offices and meet the staff in Glasgow and Teesside. We talk to them every day but have never met. So, Paddy and myself are going to hop on a plane in Heathrow, fly to Glasgow to meet the Scottish staff, then go down to Teesside and eventually head back to Reading here in Berkshire. We shall be doing this trip, not only as a good PR thing for us, but to raise funds and awareness for two worthwhile charities. Community First Responders and Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity. We think it's a great idea and need as much support as possible. You can find more details here and on my web www.steveblethyn.co.ukThanks in advance for any support

Oh! I almost forgot to mention...When we get off the plane in Glasgow, we wave goodbye to transport of any kind because we intend to walk all the way back. Glasgow, Teesside, Reading. All 459.6 miles of it. Wanna come too?


Xlentadventurer in Arizona! said…
Yes!!! I wanna come!!!
Colin said…
You must be mad! Good luck!

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