Alan Arnette

I like to think of Alan as a friend, even though I have never met the guy. We chat online, share the same sort of interests, mostly mountains, but we have other things in common too. He has a great website that you, if like me, love altitude, should take a look at. He is bang up to date with what is going on at the moment on and around Everest. From the hotels in Kathmandu, through Lukla, the trek in to Base camp and soon, right to the summit of the highest point on Earth.

But that is not the reason for this small, but perfectly formed blog. No, I want you all to click on Alan's name at the top, or here, read his article on Alzheimer’s and if you can, leave a small donation to help the work on maybe one day finding a cure for this terrible disease. At least leave a message on his guest book to show your moral support.

Many Thanks

Steve Blethyn


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