Crisps aren't always bad for you!

A girl who was mowed down by a car on the way home from school was saved from death or serious injury by the contents of her schoolbag.

Ayse Kinsman was crossing the road in Bodmin, Cornwall, when she was smashed into by a car and flung across the bonnet.
Luckily, it hit her in the hip, and her bag, which contained a PE kit and trainers, a pencil case, school books and three packets of crisps, absorbed the blow.
Paramedics later told her she would have been killed or left paralysed by the accident, but she escaped with only cuts and bruises.
"I don't really remember what happened. One minute I was about to cross the road then I heard a loud bang," she said.
"Next minute I was on the ground looking up at lots of people around me. Everyone thought I was going to be really hurt but I just had a bit of a headache.

"The car had hit my bag and all the stuff inside had taken the full force. It was like wearing a bulletproof vest."
Her mother Sally, 37, added: "When the police rang me I was in a bit of a state, but luckily Ayse was not seriously injured.
"The ambulance crew said it was because her school bag took the full impact, saving her life because she should have suffered broken bones and other injuries.
"Sometimes I tell her off for having too much in her bag and for not carrying it properly on both her shoulders - but I'm so relieved now that she didn't listen.
"Kids always carry their bags on one shoulder, apparently it's more fashionable."
The driver of the Peugeot has been questioned by police on suspicion of driving without due care and attention.


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