Woman Skydiver Conquers Everest

A Briton has entered the record books after becoming the first woman to skydive over Mount Everest at over 8,940 metres.
Holly Budge, from Bristol, began her freefall 142 metres higher than the world's tallest peak in Nepal.
Due to the thin air, her parachute was three times the size of a regular one and an oxygen tank was strapped to her waist.
The 29-year-old daredevil felt giddy as she returned to earth, a few thousand metres lower, but said it was an unforgettable experience.
"It was amazing there are views that you don't get anywhere else in the world - it's seriously beautiful," she said.
Holly has worked in the adrenaline sports industry for more than eight years as a skydiver and rock-climbing instructor.
She has made more than 2,000 jumps from planes, helicopters and hot air balloons.
Thirty-two other professional and amateur skydivers from around the world are also attempting the same Mt Everest jump over the next few days.
The jumpers are generally required to have at least 200 dives under their belt, but Sky reporter Jane Dougall, who is among them, is virtually a complete novice.
Jane's instructor Tom offered her this advice: "Make sure you take in as much scenery as you can and appreciate the moment.
"It's also important to just focus on relaxed breathing.
"Then just try to enjoy the ride!"

Me? I rather like keeping my feet on the ground, even if the ground is over 8000m above sea level!


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